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Becoming an Ambassador is one of the most effective steps towards advocating on behalf of the life insurance industry and the clients and families it serves. And while it may seem intimidating, the process of getting to know a Member of Congress isn’t nearly as challenging as you might think. No matter what point in your career you may find yourself at, you can help AALU continue to be a force here in the nation’s capital.

Becoming an Ambassador takes three simple things – knowledge, persistence and a commitment to doing your part. Your participation is not only crucial to the survival of the industry but it can help grow your business as well! 

Politics here in Washington can be frustrating. Our political system was frankly not designed to move quickly. And while we can’t promise you that your engagement will deliver every result we desire, we can promise you this – through your efforts you will have a seat at the table and stake in the future of the country.



Special thanks to everyone that participated in the Ambassador Program in 2017!

Being an AALU Ambassador is an important responsibility. Ambassadors are the industry’s front line of defense against burdensome regulations and unfair taxation that limit your ability to serve your clients as they strive for financial and retirement security.

No matter what point of your career you find yourself in there is something you can do to make a difference on Capitol Hill. Each month we will highlight an Ambassador at AALU that highlights the incredible work they are doing, no matter if they just joined or have been a member for 30 years. Click on the pictures below to see the past highlighted members and don’t hesitate to reach out so we can tell you how to get involved! 



Legislative Update



Ambassadors are the most successful, well informed, and connected life insurance professionals in the industry. They are directly plugged in to AALU’s Government Affairs work, receive the most up to date legislative information, and are heavily involved in every step of the organization’s political advocacy efforts.

The AALU Ambassador Program’s objective is to identify AALU members who can strengthen our relationships with key Members of Congress. Ambassadors are expected to meet with policymakers throughout the year, advocating on behalf of the industry, clients, and the 75 million American families that depend on life insurance products. Ambassadors also help lead AALU’s fundraising efforts with targeted lawmakers and the AALU PAC.


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